Hungarian-American Magyar speaker here. ALMASSY, ALMASSI means 'from the apple orchard,' in the same way SOLOSSY, SOLOSSI (with slash umlauts on the Os) means 'from the vineyard.' -I and -Y surnames in Hungarian are locational names. They indicate being from a specific or generic place. You already have some locational surnames listed, like BODROGI. BUDAY is 'from Buda.' PESTI is 'from Pest. KARPATI is 'from the Carpathians.' The -SS- in ALMASSY is agentive. Alma is 'apple' (noun) and Almas (s makes the "sh" sound) makes it an adjective. Almaskert is literally 'apple garden,' i.e. an apple orchard. But the kert is not included when creating a surname, especially in the middle ages. And so ALMASSY, roughly 'from the apple-y place,' is the old surname meaning 'from the apple orchard.' This is very often a nemes ('noble') surname in Hungary, but it involves several different lineages, not just one. [noted -ed]

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