This last name has brought unmeasurable joy throughout my years. I wish it was my last name. So much power and gusto. Imagine a pretty girl with the last name Armstrong. That would be the hottest girl ever, I would marry her. I don't know any Armstrong people other than Neil. But my golly when I do, I will freak the freak out. If your last name is Armstrong you are so strong and attractive and have the willpower of an antarctic husky.
The crest of the Armstrong is "Invictus Maneo" which translates to "I remain unvanquished."
Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer for Green Day.
The Armstrong family were boarder reavers on the Scottish/English border. They stole cattle from one country and sold it in the other, after retreating to the highlands if Scotland when wanted by the legal authorities. More information can be found at the Armstrong Museum in Great Britain.
Another famous bearer is Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, a trumpet player. [noted -ed]
Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) was an American astronaut and was the first man to walk on the moon. [noted -ed]

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