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Type Surname (from location)
Usage Welsh
Other Forms FormsBeddoe, ap-Eddow, ab-Eddow

Meaning & History

“This name derives from Old Welsh name and patronymic surname (~ ) “Morgetuid / Margetiud”, composed of two elements: “mere” (great, splendid) plus “iudd” (lord). As a personal name the origins are lost in the mists of time but it is certainly pre Roman, however the modern use of the name is commonly taken from Merdydd ap Bleddyn, prince of Powys who died in 1132. However, a common prefix in the Welsh language is "ap" or "ab", meaning son of and Beddoe may be a patronymic from the given name Eddow with the misdivision of the patronymic prefix, i.e., "ab-Eddow".

“Beddoe is a surname of Welsh origin. It originates from Bettws or Betws (Welsh pronunciation: ˈbɛtʊs), a Welsh name that is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Old English bed-hus—i.e. a bead-house: a house of prayer, or oratory.”

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