Color of the earth beneath us.
Brown is such a common name, but that's ok. I still like it. Perhaps not that much, but well, you can't help your surname.
Admiral William Brown, 22 June 1777 – 3 March 1857. Born in Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland and died in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Considered the father of Argentine Navy.
Charlie Brown is a character from "Peanuts". [noted -ed]
Doctor Emmett Brown from the "Back to the Future" trilogy.
The surname Brown is assumed to be of Norman Origins, although the name also has roots in Old Norse, Old French, Old English and Old German. The surname could have also been derived from Old English names such as; Brun, Brunwine, Bruning, Brungar or Brunman.
Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2007 until 2010.

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