Mario Cingolani (Rome, 2 August 1883 – Rome, 8 April 1971) was an Italian politician. He graduated in chemistry from the Sapienza University of Rome. He was a deputy in the XXV (1919–1921), XXVI (1921–1924) and in the XXVII (1924–1929) parliamentary term of the Kingdom of Italy, as member of the Italian People's Party. In 1926 he was declared fallen from office. In 1922 he served also as Undersecretary for Labor in the Facta I and II Government.
Giovanni Cingolani (1859 - 23 April 1932) was an Italian painter and art-restorer, mainly working with sacred subjects. In 1880, he was named restorer of frescoes for the Vatican. He was also known as a portraitist, including painting a portrait of Pope Leo XIII. Among his masterworks is a large canvas still present in Macerata, depicting Torquato Tasso. He painted for the church of San Biagio, Pollenza.

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