Crnčević (pronounced Tsrnchevich)
Croatian - Crnčević,
Serbian - Црнчевић

Crnčević is one of the oldest Southern Dalmatian family names recorded in the municipality of Vidonje, village of Brestica, Dubrovik-Neretva County, Republic of Croatia.

Back in 1639 during the bishop Resti’s tour of southern Dalmatia and Republic of Ragusa (present day Dubrovnik) he recorded a hamlet of Zarncevichi near the village of Vidogne (Vidonje) referring to present day Brestica (Bristiza) where all inhabitants had a same surname 'Zarnchevich' (Crnčević).

According to one legend, the three brothers belonging to the Montenegrin royal family of Crnojević (Tsrnoyevich) arrived from Rijeka Crnojevića (River of Tsrnoyevich), Montenegro in Podvode present day Brestica to escape Ottoman prosecution. In support of this theory, there was a written document (Venetian Republic Records) of the Crnčević (previously Crnojević) family wealth surrender: where Mr. Stipe Jeramaz from Metković sent a list of all the properties belonging to Crnčević family in their old homeland to (then) Montenegrin ruling prince disavowing the land and wealth ownership in the favour of the prince.

Part of the early Crncevic (Crnčević) moved to Metković, Croatia where they got the nickname Jaramaz. Turkish Yaramaz meaning 'rogue' were called Christians who apparently accepted Islam, however, secretly continued to practise the old Christian faith. Yaramaz became a family name in 1734 (today is recorded as Jeramaz). Crnčević family who lived in the hamlet of Krčevina (Krchevina) near the village of Vidonje (Ville Vidogne) had a nickname Janjic (Yanyich), which in 1805 became the new surname (extinct in the 1970s).

To escape further prosecution during Ottoman (Turkish) invasions of the Neretva region in the 15th and 16th centuries Crnčević families fled to Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatian islands. From then on the Crncevic (Crnčević)family name bearers spread throughout Balkans. Today they are present in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina, etc.
Historically  6/24/2016
Pronounced Tsrnchevich.
Historically  6/24/2016
The correct spelling is Crnčević, spelled Црнчевић in Serbian Cyrillic. [noted -ed]
Sofia  2/6/2016

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