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Type Surname
Other Forms FormsFerandin, Ferandon, Ferrandon, Ferrantin

Meaning & History

This French surname can be derived from a given name (thus making it a patronymic surname) as well as from the name of a profession (thus making it an occupational surname). In the case of a patronymic surname, the surname is derived from the masculine given name Ferrandin, which was a diminutive of the medieval French given name Ferrand. For more information about this, please see the entry for the patronymic surname of Ferrand. Also compare the Italian surnames Ferrandino and Ferrantino.

In the case of an occupational surname, the surname Ferrandin is most likely derived from ferrandinier, which was the name for a person whose occupation was to manufacture ferrandine. Ferrandine was a lightweight plain weave fabric woven with a silk warp and wool, cotton or hair filling. It was invented in the city of Lyon by a man named Ferrand in the middle of the 17th century AD. The fabric is known as farandine in English.
However, it should be noted that I found one French source that claimed that a ferrandinier was someone who worked in the ferrerie, namely the iron trade. This appears to correspond with what I saw one other French source claim about the Ferrandin surname, namely that it is ultimately derived from ferronnier meaning "ironworker" or "blacksmith". The name of this profession is derived from French ferron meaning "wrought iron", itself derived from French fer "iron", which ultimately comes from Latin ferrum meaning "iron".

Lastly, a known bearer of this surname was Jacques Ferrandin (died in 1399), a bishop of Aosta (nowadays located in the very north of Italy, but French is still spoken in the city and the surrounding area, in the form of Aostan French).
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