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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage English, Irish
Pronounced Pron. gil mour(English)  [key]

Meaning & History

Gilmore is a surname with several origins and meanings:

1) The name can be of Irish (from Ulster) and Scottish Highland origin, Anglicised from the Gaelic Mac Gille Mhoire (Scottish Gaelic), Mac Giolla Mhuire (Ulster Irish Gaelic). The name was a patronymic name meaning "servant of (the Virgin) Mary".

2) Another origin of the surname Gilmore is Irish, with two separate meanings. In County Armagh, the name is an Anglicised form of Mac Giolla Mhura "servant of St. Mura" (of Fahan, County Donegal). In County Sligo, Gilmore is an Anglicisation of Mac Giolla Mhir meaning "son of the spirited lad".
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