According to Forebears, approximately 4,615 people bear this surname.
An African politician is named Adolf Hitler. Yet his father didn't know anything about the dictator Adolf Hitler, so he named his son Adolf because he liked the name.
I wonder what his parents thought the name meant.
My 4th great grandfather's half-brother's first name was Hitler. The year he was born is lost to history, but my grandma told me that he was born before Adolf Hitler rose to power. I didn't get to interact with him, but my mother, aunt, uncle, and others probably did. My mother said that she never thought anything of Tatang Hitler's name when she met him. I don't think that Hitler's name is out of place, considering he ha(d/s) siblings named Colon, Suñer, and Bellie. I like Hitler as a surname and a forename, but under NO circumstances should you name a child Hitler, just name them Hiedler if you're trying to honor a Hitler instead.
Eva Anna Paula Braun Hitler (1912-1945) was famous for being Adolf Hitler's longtime companion and eventually, his wife. She published The Diary of Eva Braun (1935).
Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was the fascist dictator of Germany during World War II. He was also a failed artist who is known not only for his genocides, mass murder of Jewish people and minorities, but also for his recognizable small, rectangular mustache.
No no no no no! Not the dictator of Nazi Germany!

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