Type Surname (from given name)
Gender Feminine
Note In Azerbaijani this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as İBRAHİMOVA in uppercase and ibrahimova in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Feminine form of İbrahimov.

Related Names

Rootİbrahim (given name)
Other Languages & CulturesIbrahimović(Bosnian) Ibragimov, Ibragimova(Chechen) Abrahamsen(Danish) Abraham, Abrahams(Dutch) Abraham, Abrahams, Abrahamson, Abram, Abrams, Abramson(English) Abraham(French) Abraham(German) Abrami, Abramo(Italian) Abraham, Abrahams, Abrahamson, Abrams, Avraham, Bramson(Jewish) Ibragimov, Ibragimova(Kyrgyz) Abrahamsen, Abramsen(Norwegian) Ebrahimi(Persian) Ibragimov, Ibragimova(Russian) Abraham(Spanish) Abrahamsson, Abramsson(Swedish) Ibrohimov, Ibrohimova(Tajik) Ibrohimov, Ibrohimova(Uzbek)
Entry added April 23, 2024