Jerome can also occasionally be a French surname. In fact, Jennie Jerome was of partial Huguenot descent. [noted -ed]
This is a family surname for me. My Jerome family lived in the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England and their name was sometimes spelled Jerom which might point to its pronunciation and a French connection (the Jerome family of Berkshire, not too far as the crow flies from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight) claims descent from a Frenchman called Gil or Gilles Gerom who (according to verified documents) was naturalised in 1544 when King Henry VIII, foreseeing imminent war with France, demanded that the foreigners in his southern counties become endenizened or leave the country. The spelling of my Jerome family later developed into Jerrom and Jeram as well as Jerome.
The surname Jerram is separate from Jerome, though it may sometimes now get mixed up with it: Jerram originated in Derbyshire and while it sounds like those last-mentioned variants of Jerome it has a different root: "spear raven".

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