YUW-an-sawn in Swedish and yo-HAN-sən and yo-HAHN-sən in English.
This is the second most common surname in Sweden. [noted -ed]
Pronounced as "yaw-HAHNS-son".
Famouse bearers:
Scarlett Johansson, American actress
Anders Johansson, Swedish drummer
Annika Johansson, American stage actress
Bernt Johansson, road bicycle racer
Bo Johansson, football coach
Bob W. Johansson, Canadian Professional Engineer
Calle Johansson, a retired professional ice hockey player
Carl Edvard Johansson, inventor of the gauge block set
Ingebrigt Johansson, Norwegian mathematician
Ingemar Johansson, boxer
Ivar Lo-Johansson, author
Jan Johansson, jazz pianist
Jens Johansson, heavy metal keyboardist
Joachim Johansson, Swedish tennis player
Johan J. Johansson, American Medal of Honor recipient
Jonatan Johansson, Finnish footballer
Leif Johansson, Swedish businessman
Lennart Johansson, president of the European Football Federation
Matilde Johansson, French tennis player
Olof Johansson, former president of Centrepartiet
Ove Johansson, Swedish player of American football
Stefan Johansson, Formula One driver
Stefan Johansson, Swedish athlete
Thomas Johansson, Swedish former tennis player

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