Interesting to see no other comments as of yet. My mother, Joy, died young of cancer and I always wanted to name a daughter for her. However, I kept having boys. My last baby was a boy and I decided I was going to name him after her. I wasn’t sure how but one day, while pregnant, I was discussing Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s impressive career with someone, and it hit me. I rushed home and asked my husband if he liked the name Joyner for a boy so I could finally name a child after my mother. He loved it so that’s how my little Joyner got his name. People have loved it so far and comment it’s surprising it hasn’t been used more often since it fits the trends of occupational surnames as first names. His initials are JAK so he also gets called Jack quite often. I’m very happen with his name and I hope he will be too. It’s such a meaningful name. He was named for my mother with inspiration from Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Two inspirational, strong women.

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