Type Surname (from given name)
Gender Masculine
Scripts Каримов(Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik) Кәрімов(Kazakh) Кәримов(Tatar)
Note In Azerbaijani this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as KARİMOV in uppercase and karimov in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Means "son of Karim". It is also an alternate transcription of Azerbaijani Kərimov.

Related Names

RootKarim/Kərim (given name)
VariantsKarimova(Uzbek) Karimova(Kazakh) Karimova(Kyrgyz) Karimova(Tajik) Karimova(Tatar) Kərimov, Kərimova, Karimova(Azerbaijani)
Other Languages & CulturesKarim, Karimi(Arabic) Karimi(Persian) Kerimow, Kerimowa(Turkmen)
Entry updated April 23, 2024