Ádám Kellner (born 1986), Hungarian tennis player.Alex Kellner (1924–1996), baseball pitcher.Alexander Kellner (born 1961), Brazilian paleontologist.Birgit Kellner, Austrian Buddhologist and Tibetologist.Carl Kellner (optician) (1829–1855), German optician.Carl Kellner (mystic) (1851–1905), Austrian mystic, founder of Ordo Templi Orientis.Catherine Kellner (born 1970), American actress.Dan Kellner (born 1976), American fencer and graphic designer.Donald Ferdinand Kellner (1879–1935), Canadian politician.Douglas Kellner (born 1943), American philosopher.Ernest Augustus Kellner (1792–1839), British singer and pianist.Esther Kellner (1908–1998), American author.Friedrich Kellner (1885–1970), Justice Inspector and Nazi opponent.Gyula Kellner (1871–1940) was a Hungarian athlete. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens.Jamie Kellner, American television executive.Ján Kellner, S.J. (1912–1941), Slovak Catholic priest and missionary to USSR.Johann Christoph Kellner (1736–1803), German composer, son of Johann Peter Kellner.Johann Peter Kellner (1705–1772), German composer, father of Johann Christoph Kellner.Leon Kellner (1859–1928), Grammarian, Shakespearean, and Zionist.Lorenz Kellner (1811–1892), German educator.Larry Kellner (born 1959), American businessman.Micah Kellner (born 1978), American politician.Michael Kellner (born 1977), German politician.Oscar Kellner (1851–1911), German agronomist.Paul Kellner (1890–1972), German swimmer.Peter Kellner (born 1946), British journalist.Petr Kellner (1964–2021), Czech businessman and wealthiest person in the Czech Republic.Rosa Kellner (1910–1984), German athlete.Saville Kellner (born 1961), South-African–American entrepreneur.Uwe Kellner (born 1966), German rower.Walt Kellner (1929–2006), American Major League Baseball player.William Kellner (1900–1996), British-Austrian art director.

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