Now, I see people say that people with surname Lestrange are only evil. Yes, but actually no. Lestrange is possibly the most purist family in all of Britain and France, but not all of them are like that. Leta Lestrange for example. Every family has their black sheeps, or white, in this case. I know that the family is just a big incest - if you're marrying someone who is in the same time first and second cousin, you have mental problems, as well as that wife (I mean marriage between Corvus IV and Clarisse Tremblay). Also naming five generations in a row same... Only Lestranges do that. There are FIVE Corvus', FOUR Cyrilles, three Fulcrans and the rest is one. I bet if Corvus V didn't drown as a infant there would be more Corvus'.
MyMiksa  8/28/2019
Lestrange, Leta, Bella, and more evil people.
Patrick l  3/25/2019

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