Type Surname (from given name)

Meaning & History

Derived from the given name Martel, a medieval diminutive of Martin.

Related Names

VariantsMartell, Martin, Martins, Martinson(English) Martin(French)
Other Languages & CulturesMartinov(Bulgarian) Martí(Catalan) Martinović(Croatian) Martínek, Martinek(Czech) Martinsen, Mortensen(Danish) Martens, Mertens(Dutch) Martikainen(Finnish) Martens, Mertens(Flemish) Martin, Martz(German) Márton(Hungarian) Martini, Martinelli(Italian) Mertens(Low German) Martinsen, Mortensen(Norwegian) Martins(Portuguese) Martinović(Serbian) Martín, Martínez, Martinez(Spanish) Mårtensson, Martin, Martinsson(Swedish)
Same SpellingMartel 2
Entry updated January 22, 2019