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Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage Italian
Other Forms FormsD'Antonio, Antonelli, Di Antonio, De Antonio, D'Antoni, Antonucci, Masciantonio, Marcantonio, Antonello, Antonetti, Antonetto, Antonietti, Antonazzi, Antonazzo, Antoniutti, Antonioli, Antoni, De Antoni, Antonino, Antonicelli, Antonacci, Antognini, Antognetti, Antognoli, Mastrantoni, Mastrantone, Toni, Tony, Tonelli, Tonicello, Tonello, Tonino, Tonini, Tonizzo, Tonolli

Meaning & History

From the Italian title mastro meaning "master craftsman", combined with the given name Antonio. A famous bearer is American actress and singer Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (1958-).
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