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Type Surname (from location)
Usage Spanish
Other Forms FormsSpanish Moclin, Celtic Maclin, Moroccan Muqlin, Germanic Mecklenburg, Macklin

Meaning & History

A town positioned outside of Granada and Toledo Spain, its current occupants number in the thousands. But, 700’s this town was positioned in a mist of sprawling Moorish control. And, for the next 800 years, it was the epic center of Europe’s culture and medicine. Watching over its jewel was the Moorish castle of Andalus, a used interchangeably with Moclin. Furthermore, when under Moorish rule, the name for the village was spelled Muqlin. But, after the wars between the Moors and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, this village became a main contention between the two groups. Spain recaptured Muqlin as apart of its kingdom. The name magically is renamed Moclin, probably because of how it was pronounced and later with the stoke of a decree is how Moclin Village of Spain got its name. Ironically, the celts spelled it Maclin and it etymology is said to begin in the Hebrides Islands of the the shores of Scotland. A branch moving into the Scottish mainland and another into Ireland. After the fall of Andalus, the moors are said to had also made its way to those very same shores. If they arrived before or after the Maclin name emerged is shrouded in lost history or just hidden. Etymology may be able to uncover its secrets of the names Muqlin, Moclin, and Maclin. And, it may then discover a link to the name Macklin, and Mecklenburg of Austria. Time is our only obstacle.
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