My last name is Penner. And as the previous comment by Mr. Pender I was also lead to believe it was based on an occupation to do with being a scribe, writer or author. Being of German/ Dutch descent I believed the origin to be the same.. so that entry seems to ring true but as a brewer.. interesting to say the least.
I was a little surprised to see the name "Pender" as being of Dutch origin to mean brewer.The name is definitely a Cornish name and all the best known Penders seem to trace themselves back to, or to hail from, Cornwall.I have heard that Pender means: "one who rounds up stray animals"
This is from here: have also heard that it means, "of the pen" in some way e.g. a writer or solicitor (although this is not necessarily from a reliable source)Anyway a bit of scholarly research necessary here methinks. No time now, perhaps will return to it later. [noted -ed]

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