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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Gascon
Other Forms FormsPerizena, Peruchena, Perugorria, Perulena, Perurena, Perutegui, Petricorena, Petrirena, Petrorena

Meaning & History

Periz is a Gascon surname. It's a native of the region of Gascony (Guyenne). Its signification is Descendant of Peter (Also is The family of Peter). In the French languaje is Pierre. It's a surname of the Christian inspiration and alludes to St. Peter. In other words, Peter comes from the Latin “Petrus” or “Petris” and its significancy (significance, signification) is the rock or the stone. In the Greek Languaje is Pedros. There are other grammatical variations (the semantics or the philological variants): Perez, Peres, Peris, Pires, Pirez, Piris, Piriz, Péresse Or Perese, Pérese, Pérèse, Perèse, Perés, Péres, Perès.
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