The surname Rinaldi is actually the plural of the surname Rinaldo, and, the name traces back as far as 313 A.D. perhaps even earlier. There are several branches of the Rinaldi family, and, only two of the Rinaldi branches of the large family are of nobility bloodlines. In early times only persons of rank were recorded such as clergy, landowners, government officials and nobility, and, therefore the further back a family tree can be traced the more than likely they are to be of the true nobility Rinaldi family.

The surname Rinaldi is actually Germanic in origin and means to "rule".
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Alessandro Rinaldi (painter) (born 1839), Cremonese historic painter
Alessandro Rinaldi (footballer) (born 1974), Italian soccer player
Anita Rinaldi (born 1974), pornographic actress and film director
Ann Rinaldi (born 1934), young adult fiction author
Antonio Rinaldi (architect) (с. 1710–1794), Italian architect
Cesare Rinaldi (1559–1636), Italian poet
Claudio Rinaldi (painter) Claudio Rinaldi (speed skater) (born 1987), Italian short-track speed-skater
Conte (Count) Carlo Rinaldi 1742 - 1778, Italian Nobility
Douglas Rinaldi (born 1979), Brazilian footballer
Lou Rinaldi (born 1947), politician from Ontario, Canada
Margherita Rinaldi (born 1935), Italian soprano
Michele Rinaldi (footballer) (born 1987), Italian soccer player
Nicholas Rinaldi (born 1934), American poet and novelist
Odorico Raynaldi (1595–1671), Italian Catholic historian
Susana Rinaldi (born 1935), Argentine tango singer.
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