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Romeo 1
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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Italian

Meaning & History

From the given name Romeo.
Added 10/7/2020 by Paradiso36

Romeo 2
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Type Surname
Scripts Rhomaios
Pronounced Pron. 'Rome-may-'oh'.  [key]
Other Forms FormsRome, Roma, Romae, Roman, Romano, Romanus, Romero, Di'Roma, Rhomaios, Romaios, (etc.).

Meaning & History

(English prn: 'Rome-may-oh'
Italian prn: 'Ro-mei-o').

Romeo comes from medieval Rome & The Eastern Roman Empire (confirmed by archeologists). The surname, Romeo comes from the word, 'Rhamaios' meaning Roman in ancient Greek and from 'To Rome', in Latin,

(Etymology (word origin) notes: Romeo from the Latin suffix, 'eo' meaning 'to' and the Latin prefix, 'Rom' shortened for Roma (Rome). Like the Latin, Romae, 'from Rome'. It should be noted that Latin was spoken in a different order from English & Italian).


(Romeo surname origin):,there%2C%20and%20finally%20someone%20who

(Meaning of Rhamaios):;jsessionid=74760CAFFA86A88BDCFEDD64DE9885B5

(Latin meaning of Romeo):

(Medieval Roman Origin of Romeo):,-romios,-graikos-greek-collective-identifications-and-identities
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