Romero is not derived from Rome. It is the Spanish word for the herb Rosemary = Lat. Rosmarinus officinalis see: There has been a famous musician, Mateo Romero, who was born in Liege, Belgium as Mathieu Rosmarin (ca. 1575 – 1647) who was taken to Spain at the age of 8 see (
According to and Latin dictonaries the name Rosmarin derives from the Latin words "ros" ("dew" or "tear") and marin ("sea")
According to my Ancestry-research the family name was used as
Rosmarin (German) (old/alternative writings: Rohsmarin, Roßmarin)
Rožmarin (Slovenian, Czech, Slowak, Polish etc.) (also sometimes: Rozmarin)
Ružmarin (Croation)
Romarin (French)

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