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Type Surname

Meaning & History

Originated as a result of trade between France and the Persian Empires before the Iranian Revolution, probably during the Safavid Dynasty. The surname has its roots in the Persian Riahi surname and the Arabic word رِيح (rīḥ) meaning "wind" and the Persian word “sered” before it was altered to fit French spelling rules.
The last syllable of the name is “-sard”. It stems from the French spelling of Sard/Carnelian which was a gemstone used during the Renaissance and is a symbol of good luck. Mainly only French royals would wear the stone before it was in common use, so it can be assumed that this surname stemmed from trade with members of royal courts.
The surname is now primarily found in the United States and is extremely rare and on the verge of extinction. It directly descends from Southeastern France. Variations of the surname can be found in the Middle East and other parts of Western Europe as well as some parts of India, where sard is commonly found.
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