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Type Surname (from given name)
Other Forms FormsSancte, Sante, Santé, Santese, Santes, Santy, Santesi, Santhia, Santia, Santis, Di Santis, De Santis, De Sanctis, Desantis, Sanctis, Di Sanctis, Sancti, Di Sancti, Sanctius, Sanctious, Sancto, Di Sancto, Dei Santi, Santini, Santinni, Santus, Sántus, Sántusse, Sancius, Sanzius, Sanzio, Santii, Sanzii, Sanczi, Sanctii, Sanci, Sancii, Sance, Sanchi, Sanzor, Sanchor, Santsin, Santxo, Santso, Santu

Meaning & History

Santi is a surname of Christian inspiration and it means Son of Santo (Saint). It also has a second meaning in plural that is Santos (Saints). Santi is a last name that comes from Piedmont (northern Italy). In addition, in the Italian languaje is Figlio di Santo or Sante and in the Latin languaje is Filius Sancto or Filli Sancto.
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