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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage French
Other Forms FormsThossain, Thossaint, Thossent, Thousain, Thousains, Thousaint, Thoussain, Thoussains, Thoussaint, Thoussant, Thoussin, Thusain, Thussaint, Thussin, Tossain, Tossains, Tossaint, Tossaints, Tossent, Tossin, Tossint, Tousain, Tousains, Tousaint, Toussain, Toussains, Toussaints, Toussant, Toussin, Toussint, Tussain, Tussaint, Tussin

Meaning & History

Derived from the given name Toussaint, which in turn is derived from Toussaint, the French name for the Christian feast day All Saints' Day (celebrated on November 1st every year). The French name for the feast day is a contraction of French tous les saints meaning "all (of) the saints".

Known bearers of this surname include the French writer François-Vincent Toussaint (1715-1772) and the French composer Olivier Toussaint (born before 1950).
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