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Type Surname (from location)
Usage Dutch
Pronounced Pron. vahn-RAYN  [key]
Other Forms FormsVan Rhijn, Rijn, Reijn, Rijen, Rhijn, Reijne, Reijen, Rein, Rhine, Rhyne, Rhein, Ryn, Rhyn, Rine, Rhynes, Ryne, Van Ryn, Van Rhyn, Van Reijn, Van Rijen, Van Reijen, Van Ryne, Van Rein, Van Reine, Van Rhein, Van Reyn, Van Ryen, Van Rhyne, Van Der Ryn, Van De Rijn, Van Der Reyen, Van Den Rijn, Van Den Rijen, Van Den Reijen, Van Den Rhijn, Van Den Ryn, De Rijn, Rhines, Rhiner, Rheiner, Rhyner

Meaning & History

Means "from the Rhine", the second-longest river in central and western Europe (after the Danube). This was the surname of the Dutch Baroque painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669), usually known simply as Rembrandt.
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