Elsie and her sister, Doris Waters (born Florence Elsie Waters, 19 August 1893–14 June 1990 and Doris Ethel Waters, 20 December 1899–18 August 1978) were English comic actresses and singers who performed as a double act. They are remembered for creating the popular comedy characters Gert and Daisy, and have been described as "the most successful female double-act in the history of British music hall and variety".
I actually think Waters would make a really cool first name, for either gender! I feel like water-inspired names, like River, Ocean, Brooke, Wade, etc. Are super popular right now, and I think Waters would be a very unique alternative to some of the other names. Not that there's anything wrong with those other names, they're all great, but I just think Waters would be a really cool alternative.
Surname has multiple origins. One is an English origin, variant of the name [Walter], and other is an Irish origin, variant of the name MacConuisce. Uisce translating to Water in English.

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