Surnames Categorized "cricketers"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include cricketers.
Atkinson English
Means "son of Atkin", a medieval diminutive of Adam.
Benn English
From a short form of Benedict.
Blackwood English, Scottish
From an English place name meaning "black wood".
Bonner English
From Middle English boneire "kind, courteous", derived from Norman French bon aire "good bloodline".
Browne English
Variant of Brown.
Butcher English
Occupational name for a butcher, derived from Old French bouchier.
Butts English
From a nickname meaning "thick, stumpy", from Middle English butt.
Campbell Scottish
From a Gaelic nickname cam beul meaning "wry or crooked mouth". The surname was later represented in Latin documents as de bello campo meaning "of the fair field".
Chang Chinese
Alternate transcription of Chinese (see Zhang).
Daley Irish
Variant of Daly.
Edwards English
Means "son of Edward".
Étienne French
From the given name Étienne.
Francis English
Derived from the given name Francis.
Goddard English
Derived from the Germanic given name Godehard.
Green English
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.
Griffith Welsh, English
Derived from the Welsh given name Gruffudd.
Headley English
From place names meaning "heather clearing" in Old English.
Joseph English, French
Derived from the given name Joseph.
King English
From Old English cyning "king", originally a nickname for someone who either acted in a kingly manner or who worked for or was otherwise associated with a king. A famous bearer was the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968).
Lambert French
Derived from the given name Lambert.
Lamont Scottish
From the medieval Gaelic given name Lagmann, derived from Old Norse lǫgmaðr meaning "law man".
Marshall English
Derived from Middle English mareschal "marshal", from Latin mariscalcus, ultimately from Germanic roots akin to Old High German marah "horse" and scalc "servant". It originally referred to someone who took care of horses.
Nunes Portuguese
Means "son of Nuno".
Phillips English
Means "son of Philip".
Powell Welsh, English
Derived from Welsh ap Hywel meaning "son of Hywel".
Rae Scottish
Variant of McRae.
Roach English
From Middle English and Old French roche meaning "rock", from Late Latin rocca, a word that may be of Celtic origin. It indicated a person who lived near a prominent rock, or who came from a town by this name (such as Les Roches in Normandy).
Rowe 2 English
From the medieval name Row, which is either a variant of Roul or short form of Roland.
Shepherd English
Occupational name meaning "shepherd, sheep herder", from Old English sceaphyrde.
Thornton English
From any of the various places in England by this name, meaning "thorn town" in Old English.
Weekes English
Derived from Old English wic meaning "village, town".
Wright 1 English
From Old English wyrhta meaning "wright, maker", an occupational name for someone who was a craftsman. Famous bearers were Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the first successful airplane.