Surnames Categorized "rugby union All Blacks"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include rugby union All Blacks.
Abbott English
English cognate of Abate.
Barrett English
Probably derived from the Middle English word barat meaning "trouble, deception", originally given to a quarrelsome person.
Booth English
Topographic name derived from Middle English both meaning "hut, stall".
Carter English
Occupational name for a person who operated a cart to transport goods, from Norman French caretier. A famous bearer is the former American president Jimmy Carter (1924-).
Casey Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cathasaigh meaning "descendant of Cathassach".
Cullen 1 English
From the name of the German city of Cologne, which was derived from Latin colonia "colony".
Cunningham 1 Scottish
From the name of place in the Ayrshire district of Scotland. It possibly comes from Gaelic cuinneag meaning "milk pail".
Eklund Swedish
From Swedish ek (Old Norse eik) meaning "oak" and lund (Old Norse lundr) meaning "grove".
Fitzpatrick Irish
Means "son of Patrick" in Anglo-Norman, usually adopted as an Anglicization of Mac Giolla Phádraig.
Harper English
Originally belonged to a person who played the harp or who made harps.
Hicks English
Derived from the medieval given name Hicke, a diminutive of Richard.
Hunter English, Scottish
Occupational name that referred to someone who hunted for a living, from Old English hunta.
Jacobson English
Means "son of Jacob".
Love English
From the Old English given name Lufu meaning "love".
McAlister Scottish, Irish
From Scottish Gaelic MacAlastair or Irish Gaelic Mac Alastair meaning "son of Alistair".
Newton English
From the name of one of many English towns meaning "new town". A famous bearer was the English physicist Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727).
Nicholson English
Means "son of Nicholas". A famous bearer of this surname is the American actor Jack Nicholson (1937-).
Norris 1 English, Scottish
Means "from the north" from Old French norreis. It either denoted someone who originated in the north or someone who lived in the northern part of a settlement.
Roberts English
Means "son of Robert".
Sullivan Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Súileabháin meaning "descendant of Súileabhán". The name Súileabhán means "dark eye".
Thompson English
Means "son of Thomas".
Tyler English
Occupational name for a tiler of roofs, derived from Old English tigele "tile". A famous bearer of this name was American president John Tyler (1790-1862).
Wallace Scottish, English, Irish
Means "foreigner, stranger, Celt" from Norman French waleis (of Germanic origin). It was often used to denote native Welsh and Bretons. A famous bearer was the 13th-century Sir William Wallace of Scotland.
Webb English
Occupational name meaning "weaver", from Old English webba, a derivative of wefan "to weave".
Woodcock English
Nickname referring to the woodcock bird.