Surnames Categorized "U.S. senators"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include U.S. senators.
Allison English
Means "son of Alan" or "son of Alexander" (as well as other given names beginning with Al).
Arends Dutch
Means "son of Arend".
Blackburn English
From the name of a city in Lancashire, meaning "black stream" in Old English.
Blumenthal German, Jewish
Derived from German Blumen "flowers" and Thal "valley".
Byrd English
Variant of Bird.
Cassidy Irish
From Irish Ó Caiside meaning "descendant of Caiside". Caiside is a given name meaning "curly haired".
Cruz Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese cognate of Cross.
Ernst German, Dutch, Danish
From the given name Ernst.
Fischer German
Occupational name meaning "fisherman" in German.
Frye English
Variant of Fry.
Glass English, German
From Old English glæs or Old High German glas meaning "glass". This was an occupational name for a glass blower or glazier.
Graham Scottish
Derived from the English place name Grantham, which probably meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English. The surname was first taken to Scotland in the 12th century by William de Graham.
Heinrich German
Derived from the given name Heinrich.
Kennedy Irish
From the Irish name Ó Cinnéidigh meaning "descendant of Cennétig". This surname was borne by assassinated American president John F. Kennedy (1917-1963).
Lee 1 English
Originally given to a person who lived on or near a leah, Old English meaning "woodland, clearing".
Markey Irish
From the Irish Ó Marcaigh meaning "descendant of Marcach", a given name meaning "horse rider".
Menéndez Spanish
Means "son of Menendo" in Spanish, the given name Menendo being a medieval Spanish form of Hermenegildo.
Padilla Spanish
From various Spanish place names, derived from Spanish padilla, Latin patella meaning "shallow dish", used to indicate a depression in the landscape.
Paul English, French, German, Dutch
From the given name Paul.
Robertson English
Means "son of Robert".
Rounds English
Patronymic derived from Middle English rond meaning "round, plump", ultimately from Latin rotundus.
Rubio Spanish
Nickname for a person with red hair, from Latin rubeus "red".
Scott English, Scottish
Originally given to a person from Scotland or a person who spoke Scottish Gaelic.
Shelby English
Variant of Selby.
Vance English
Indicated a dweller by a fen, from Old English fenn meaning "fen, marsh".
Young English
Derived from Old English geong meaning "young". This was a descriptive name to distinguish father from son.