Baltic Surnames

These names are used by Baltic peoples.
Adomaitis Lithuanian
From the given name Adomas.
Astrauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Ostrowski.
Balodis Latvian
Means "pigeon" in Latvian.
Bērziņš Latvian
From Latvian bērzs meaning "birch tree".
Butkus Lithuanian
Possibly from a given name that was derived from Lithuanian būti meaning "to be, to exist".
Eglītis Latvian
From Latvian egle meaning "spruce tree".
Jankauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Janowski.
Jansons Latvian
Latvian form of Jansson.
Jonaitis Lithuanian
From the given name Jonas 1.
Kalniņš Latvian
From Latvian kalns meaning "mountain, hill".
Kavaliauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Kowalski.
Kazlauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Kozłowski. This is the most common surname in Lithuania.
Krūmiņš Latvian
From Latvian krūms meaning "bush, shrub".
Liepiņš Latvian
From Latvian liepa meaning "linden tree".
Ozoliņš Latvian
From Latvian ozols meaning "oak tree".
Ozolinsh Latvian
Anglicized form of Ozoliņš.
Ozols Latvian
Means "oak tree" in Latvian.
Paulauskas Lithuanian
From the given name Paulius.
Šimonis Lithuanian
Means "son of Simonas".
Urbonas Lithuanian
From the given name Urbonas.
Zariņš Latvian
From Latvian zars meaning "branch".
Žukauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Żukowski.