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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is November; and the birth day is 22
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Abigail Adams1744-1818American First Ladies
George Eliot1819-1880Notable Writers
Paul-Henri-Benjamin d'Estournelles de Constant1852-1924Nobel Prize Winners
Pharez Phillips1855-1914Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Heber J. Grant1856-1945Other Religious Leaders
Cyrus E. Dallin1861-1944Notable Artists, Olympic Medalists
John Nance Garner1868-1967Notable Politicians and Statespeople
André Gide1869-1951Nobel Prize Winners
Charles de Gaulle1890-1970French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Hoagy Carmichael1899-1981Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Bennie Borgmann1900-1978Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Guus Albregts1900-1980Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Louis Néel1904-2000Nobel Prize Winners
Gardnar Mulloy1913-2016Notable Athletes
Andrew Huxley1917-2012Nobel Prize Winners
Rodney Dangerfield1921-2004Notable Actors and Actresses
Ria Baran1922-1986Olympic Medalists
Geraldine Page1924-1987Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Irene MacDonald1931-2002Olympic Medalists
Guram Minashvili1935-2015Olympic Medalists
Terry Gilliam1940-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Jacques Laperrière1941-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Yvan Cournoyer1943-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Billie Jean King1943-Notable Athletes
Bernd Herrmann1951-Olympic Medalists
Lynne Watson1952-Olympic Medalists
Matija Ljubek1953-2000Olympic Medalists
Paolo Gentiloni1954-Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Nikolay Kirov1957-Olympic Medalists
Alwyn Morris1957-Olympic Medalists
Jamie Lee Curtis1958-Notable Actors and Actresses
Roy Heiner1960-Olympic Medalists
Mariel Hemingway1961-Notable Actors and Actresses
Winsor Harmon1963-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mads Mikkelsen1965-Notable Actors and Actresses
Nicholas Rowe1966-Notable Actors and Actresses
Boris Becker1967-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Mark Ruffalo1967-Notable Actors and Actresses
Bart Veldkamp1967-Olympic Medalists
Daedra Charles1968-Olympic Medalists
Irina Privalova1968-Olympic Medalists
Bennu Yıldırımlar1969-Notable Actors and Actresses
Marvan Atapattu1970-Notable Athletes
Davidson Ezinwa1971-Olympic Medalists
Ayelén Stepnik1975-Olympic Medalists
Yegor Podomatsky1976-Olympic Medalists
Francis Obikwelu1978-Olympic Medalists
Sanjin Bezdrob1979-Notable Athletes
Anatolie Ostap1979-Notable Athletes
Yaroslav Rybakov1980-Olympic Medalists
Braulio Leal1981-Notable Athletes
Scarlett Johansson1984-Notable Actors and Actresses
Carolin Leonhardt1984-Olympic Medalists
Asamoah Gyan1985-Notable Athletes
Hannelly Quintero1985-Notable Actors and Actresses
Marouane Fellaini1987-Notable Athletes
Mauro Nespoli1987-Olympic Medalists
Jamie Campbell Bower1988-Notable Actors and Actresses
Alden Ehrenreich1989-Notable Actors and Actresses
Damaris Johnson1989-Notable Athletes
Chris Smalling1989-Notable Athletes
Gabriel Torje1989-Notable Athletes
Brock Osweiler1990-Notable Athletes
Giovani Bernard1991-Notable Athletes
Anastasia Ivankova1991-Olympic Medalists
Hailey Baldwin1996-Notable Actors and Actresses
Roberts Zvejnieks1997-Notable Athletes