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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is March; and the birth day is 24
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Michiel de Ruyter1607-1676Notable Military Figures
Epaphroditus Ransom1798-1859Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Matilda Joslyn Gage1826-1898Notable Activists and Revolutionaries
John Wesley Powell1834-1902Notable Explorers and Adventurers
Petko Karavelov1843-1903Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Harry Houdini1874-1926Notable Actors and Actresses
Luigi Einaudi1874-1961Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Peter Debye1884-1966Nobel Prize Winners
Charles Daniels1885-1973Olympic Medalists
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle1887-1933Notable Actors and Actresses
Jameson Thomas1888-1939Notable Actors and Actresses
Albert Hill1889-1969Olympic Medalists
Alexia Bryn1889-1983Olympic Medalists
Robert Schurrer1890-1972Olympic Medalists
George Sisler1893-1973Hall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes
Adolf Butenandt1903-1995Nobel Prize Winners
Lydia Chukovskaya1907-1996Notable Writers
John Kendrew1917-1997Nobel Prize Winners
Eero Kolehmainen1918-2013Olympic Medalists
Carlo Monti1920-2016Olympic Medalists
Wim van der Voort1923-Olympic Medalists
Dario Fo1926-2016Nobel Prize Winners
Steve McQueen1930-1980Notable Actors and Actresses, Title Characters
Thelma Kalama1931-1999Olympic Medalists
Lloyd Erskine Sandiford1937-Other Leaders
Larry Wilson1938-2020Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
R. Lee Ermey1944-2018Notable Actors and Actresses
Vojislav Koštunica1944-Other Leaders
Klaus Dinger1946-2008Notable Musicians
Archie Gemmill1947-Notable Athletes
Anatoli Krikun1948-Olympic Medalists
Ruud Krol1949-Notable Athletes
Reinhard Genzel1952-Nobel Prize Winners
Kobus Gous1953-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Richard Mitchell1955-Olympic Medalists
Sonia Lannaman1956-Olympic Medalists
Rita Yahan-Farouz1962-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Peter Jacobson1965-Notable Actors and Actresses
Kwame Kwei-Armah1967-Notable Actors and Actresses
Gyöngyi Szalay-Horváth1968-Olympic Medalists
Minarti Timur1968-Olympic Medalists
Janelson Carvalho1969-Olympic Medalists
Yoko Zetterlund1969-Olympic Medalists
Ilir Meta1969-Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Lara Flynn Boyle1970-Notable Actors and Actresses
Patrik Ćavar1971-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Tig Notaro1971-Notable Actors and Actresses
Megyn Price1971-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jim Parsons1973-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Alyson Hannigan1974-Notable Actors and Actresses
Thomas Johansson1975-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Peyton Manning1976-Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes
Jessica Chastain1977-Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Bertrand Gille1978-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Lake Bell1979-Notable Actors and Actresses
Filemon Wesselink1979-Notable Hosts and Presenters
Efe İnanç1980-Notable Athletes
Fourie du Preez1982-Notable Athletes
Ai Ōtomo1982-Olympic Medalists
Benoît Assou-Ekotto1984-Notable Athletes
Chris Bosh1984-Olympic Medalists
Davis Tarwater1984-Olympic Medalists
Gabriel Achilier1985-Notable Athletes
Melik Janoyan1985-Notable Athletes
Sayaka Hirano1985-Olympic Medalists
Nathalia Dill1986-Notable Actors and Actresses
Karmen Sunčana Lovrić1986-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jake Varner1986-Olympic Medalists
Shakib Al Hasan1987-Notable Athletes
Ramires1987-Notable Athletes
Keaton Henson1988-Notable Musicians
Finn Jones1988-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jean-Guillaume Béatrix1988-Olympic Medalists
Andrei Semyonov1989-Notable Athletes
Keisha Castle-Hughes1990-Notable Actors and Actresses
Soroush Rafiei1990-Notable Athletes
Demontre Hurst1991-Notable Athletes
MyCole Pruitt1992-Notable Athletes