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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is April; and the birth day is 3
birth month
birth day
Washington Irving1783-1859Notable Writers
Lorenzo Snow1814-1901Other Religious Leaders
Mary McKee1858-1930American First Ladies
Henry van de Velde1863-1957Notable Artists
Verner Järvinen1870-1941Olympic Medalists
Alphonse Decuyper1877-1937Olympic Medalists
Alcide De Gasperi1881-1954Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Arvid Spångberg1890-1959Olympic Medalists
Leslie Howard1893-1943Notable Actors and Entertainers
Josias Hartmann1893-1982Olympic Medalists
Ángela Ginard Marti1894-1936Saints
Camille Chamoun1900-1987Other Leaders
Iron Eyes Cody1904-1999Notable Actors and Entertainers
Julius Caesar de Miranda1906-1956Other Leaders
Stanisława Walasiewicz1911-1980Olympic Medalists
Per Borten1913-2005Norwegian Prime Ministers
Piet de Jong1915-2016Dutch Prime Ministers
Nida Senff1920-1995Olympic Medalists
Darío Moreno1921-1968Notable Musicians
Carlo Lizzani1922-2013Notable Filmmakers
Doris Day1922-2019Notable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Marlon Brando1924-2004Notable Actors and Entertainers, Oscar Award Winners
Thorstein Kråkenes1924-2005Olympic Medalists
Éva Székely1927-2020Olympic Medalists
Earl Lloyd1928-2015Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Poul Schlüter1929-2021Danish Prime Ministers
Helmut Kohl1930-2017German Chancellors and Presidents
David Swift1931-2016Notable Actors and Entertainers
Jim Parker1934-2005Hall-of-Famers
Jane Goodall1934-Notable Scientists and Inventors
Reginald Hill1936-2012Notable Writers
William Gaunt1937-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Wolf Kahler1940-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Philippé Wynne1941-1984Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Marsha Mason1942-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Richard Manuel1943-1986Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Tony Orlando1944-Notable Musicians
Bob McGregor1944-Olympic Medalists
Bernie Parent1945-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Hanna Suchocka1946-Polish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer1948-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Pavao Miljavac1953-2022Notable Military Figures
Damir Polić1953-Olympic Medalists
Ray Combs1956-1996Notable Actors and Entertainers
Miguel Bosé1956-Notable Musicians
Alec Baldwin1958-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Entertainers
David Hyde Pierce1959-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Eddie Murphy1961-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Jorge Fernandes1962-Olympic Medalists
Stevo Pendarovski1963-Other Leaders
Nigel Farage1964-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Ben Mendelsohn1969-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Jennie Garth1972-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Sandrine Testud1972-Notable Athletes
Jamie Bamber1973-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Yoshinobu Takahashi1975-Olympic Medalists
Koji Uehara1975-Olympic Medalists
Nicolas Escudé1976-Notable Athletes
Matthew Goode1978-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Saša Ognenovski1979-Notable Athletes
Dana Ivgy1982-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Ruben Schaken1982-Notable Athletes
Cobie Smulders1982-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Ben Foster1983-Notable Athletes
José María Basanta1984-Notable Athletes
Selina Gasparin1984-Olympic Medalists
Osmay Acosta1985-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Atif Bashir1985-Notable Athletes
Leona Lewis1985-Notable Musicians
Amanda Bynes1986-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Sytske de Groot1986-Olympic Medalists
Katrin Nabholz1986-Olympic Medalists
Martyn Rooney1987-Olympic Medalists
Eddie Ockenden1987-Olympic Medalists
Kam Chancellor1988-Notable Athletes
Tim Krul1988-Notable Athletes
Tiberiu Dolniceanu1988-Olympic Medalists
Israel Folau1989-Notable Athletes
Thisara Perera1989-Notable Athletes
Karim Ansarifard1990-Notable Athletes
Madison Brengle1990-Notable Athletes
Lovre Kalinić1990-Notable Athletes
Sotiris Ninis1990-Notable Athletes
Sari van Veenendaal1990-Notable Athletes
Dorothea Wierer1990-Olympic Medalists
Hayley Kiyoko1991-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Blair Evans1991-Olympic Medalists
Yuliya Yefimova1992-Olympic Medalists