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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is July; and the birth day is 10
birth month
birth day
Go-Hanazono1419-1471Japanese Emperors
James III1451-1488Scottish Kings and Queens
Jean Chauvin1509-1564Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
George M. Dallas1792-1864Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Camille Pissarro1830-1903Notable Artists
Nikola Tesla1856-1943Notable Scientists and Inventors
Helene Schjerfbeck1862-1946Notable Artists
Maximilian of Baden1867-1929German Chancellors and Presidents
Marcel Proust1871-1922Notable Writers
Blandine of the Sacred Heart1883-1918Saints
Giorgio de Chirico1888-1978Notable Artists
Noble Sissle1889-1975Notable Musicians
William Foster1890-1963Olympic Medalists
Carl Orff1895-1982Notable Musicians
John Gilbert1897-1936Notable Actors and Entertainers
Manlio Brosio1897-1980Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Kurt Alder1902-1958Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Thomas Gomez1905-1971Notable Actors and Entertainers
Sancja Szymkowiak1910-1942Saints
Edgardo Toetti1910-1968Olympic Medalists
David Brinkley1920-2003Notable Journalists
Owen Chamberlain1920-2006Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Herb McKenley1922-2007Olympic Medalists
Vladimir Sukharev1924-1997Olympic Medalists
Pavle Vuisić1926-1988Notable Actors and Entertainers
Fred Gwynne1926-1993Notable Actors and Entertainers
Bruce Boa1930-2004Notable Actors and Entertainers
Nick Adams1931-1968Notable Actors and Entertainers
Alice Munro1931-Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Writers
Neile Adams1932-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Yang Chuan-kwang1933-2007Olympic Medalists
Ivan Passer1933-2020Notable Filmmakers
László Fábián1936-2018Olympic Medalists
Mavis Staples1939-Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Ronnie James Dio1942-2010Notable Musicians
Arthur Ashe1943-1993Notable Athletes
Virginia Wade1945-Notable Athletes
Arlo Guthrie1947-Notable Musicians
Sunil Gavaskar1949-Notable Athletes
Prokopis Pavlopoulos1950-Other Leaders
Andre Dawson1954-Hall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players
Pamela Jiles1955-Olympic Medalists
Fiona Shaw1958-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Ute Thimm1958-Olympic Medalists
Sandy West1959-2006Notable Musicians
Jacky Cheung1961-Notable Musicians
Bruno Bruins1963-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Gina Bellman1966-Notable Actors and Entertainers
A. O. Scott1966-Notable Journalists
Hassiba Boulmerka1968-Olympic Medalists
Jason Orange1970-Notable Musicians
Diederik Samsom1971-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Sofía Vergara1972-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Dimitra Asilian1972-Olympic Medalists
Nassim Akrour1974-Notable Athletes
Adrian Grenier1976-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Iker Iturbe1976-Notable Athletes
Chiwetel Ejiofor1977-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Gwendoline Yeo1977-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Thomas Ian Nicholas1980-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Jessica Simpson1980-Notable Musicians
Lee Taek-keun1980-Olympic Medalists
Sjoerd Sjoerdsma1981-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Aviva Farber1984-Notable Actors and Entertainers
Mario Gómez1985-Notable Athletes
Park Chu-young1985-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Edwin Hernández 1986-Notable Athletes
Sarah Walker1988-Olympic Medalists
İsmail Köybaşı1989-Notable Athletes
Nikita Katsalapov1991-Olympic Medalists
Angus Cloud1998-2023Notable Actors and Entertainers
Peruth Chemutai1999-Olympic Medalists