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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is July; and the birth day is 12
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Omid AbtahiNotable Actors and Actresses
Inoke AfeakiNotable Athletes
William Backhouse Astor Jr.Notable Businesspeople
Marino BaldiniNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Scott BaldwinNotable Athletes
Yarelys BarriosOlympic Medalists
Andre BegemannNotable Athletes
Milton BerleEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Claude BernardNotable Scientists and Inventors
Stef BosNotable Musicians
Jasper BrinkleyNotable Athletes
Rachel BrosnahanEmmy Award Winners
Pablo Carreño BustaNotable Athletes
Aveion CasonNotable Athletes
Antonio CassanoNotable Athletes
Julio César ChávezNotable Athletes
Elias James CoreyNobel Prize Winners
Bill CosbyEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Otis DavisOlympic Medalists
Walter De DonderNotable Actors and Actresses
Sharon den AdelNotable Musicians
George EastmanNotable Scientists and Inventors
Judi EvansEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Shane FergusonNotable Athletes
Max "Marty" FriedmanHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Liliana GafencuOlympic Medalists
Guillaume GilleNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Scott GoldblattOlympic Medalists
Topher GraceNotable Actors and Actresses
Ghasem HaddadifarNotable Athletes
Yrjö HietanenOlympic Medalists
Charles T. HindeNotable Businesspeople
Avonia JonesNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris JonesNotable Athletes
Lionel JospinFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Tara KirkOlympic Medalists
Hilary KnightOlympic Medalists
Willis LambNobel Prize Winners
Louis II, Prince of MonacoOther Royalty
Vinicius MachadoNotable Actors and Actresses
LeSean McCoyNotable Athletes
Michael McGovernNotable Athletes
Wieger MensonidesOlympic Medalists
Mikhail IRussian Grand Dukes and Tsars
Andrei MikhnevichOlympic Medalists
Amedeo ModiglianiNotable Artists
Mathias MongenastOther Leaders
Juan MoralesOlympic Medalists
Charlie MurphyNotable Actors and Actresses
Zoran MusturOlympic Medalists
Pablo NerudaNobel Prize Winners, Notable Writers
Ōmura SatoshiNobel Prize Winners
Rakep PatelNotable Athletes
JP PietersenNotable Athletes
Catherine PlewinskiOlympic Medalists
James RodríguezNotable Athletes
Michelle RodriguezNotable Actors and Actresses
Angelique SerieseOlympic Medalists
Ikbal Ali ShahNotable Writers
Luke ShawNotable Athletes
Jamey SheridanNotable Actors and Actresses
Jaroslav SoukupOlympic Medalists
Abigail SpearsNotable Athletes
Erik Per SullivanNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruny SurinOlympic Medalists
Emil Hegle SvendsenOlympic Medalists
Henry David ThoreauNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Vinícius JúniorNotable Athletes
Oscar von SydowSwedish Prime Ministers
Josiah WedgwoodNotable Businesspeople
Jordyn WieberOlympic Medalists
K'Waun WilliamsNotable Athletes
Xu MengtaoOlympic Medalists
Kristi YamaguchiOlympic Medalists
Malala YousafzaiNobel Prize Winners
Emily ZurrerOlympic Medalists