American First Ladies

The First Lady of the United States is the hostess of the White House. The role is usually, but (contrary to popular belief) not always, filled by the wife of the president; bachelor and widowed presidents have had daughters, sisters, nieces or friends as their first ladies. It is unknown what the protocol will be should a woman become president. (See also Presidents of the United States.)
NameYearsOther Names
Abigail Adams1797-1801
Louisa Adams1825-1829(Johnson)
Jill Biden2021-(Jacobs)
Barbara Bush1989-1993
Laura Bush2001-2009
Rosalynn Carter1977-1981(Smith)
Frances Cleveland1886-1889; 1893-1897(Folsom, Preston)
Rose Cleveland1885-1886
Hillary Clinton1993-2001(Rodham)
Grace Coolidge1923-1929
Emily Donelson1829-1834
Mamie Eisenhower1953-1961(Doud)
Abigail Fillmore1850-1853
Betty Ford1974-1977
Lucretia Garfield1881(Rudolph)
Julia Grant1869-1877
Florence Harding1921-1923
Anna Harrison1841
Caroline Harrison1889-1892
Jane Harrison1841(Irwin)
Lucy Ware Hayes1877-1881(Webb)
Lou Hoover1929-1933(Henry)
Sarah Jackson1834-1837(Yorke)
Martha Jefferson Randolph1801-1809
Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson1963-1969
Eliza Johnson1865-1869(McCardle)
Jackie Kennedy1961-1963(Bouvier, Onassis)
Harriet Lane1857-1861
Dolley Madison1809-1817
Mary McElroy1881-1885(Arthur)
Mary McKee1892-1893(Scott, Harrison)
Ida McKinley1897-1901(Saxton)
Elizabeth Monroe1817-1825(Kortright)
Pat Nixon1969-1974(Ryan)
Michelle Obama2009-2017(Robinson)
Jane Pierce1853-1857
Sarah Polk1845-1849(Childress)
Nancy Reagan1981-1989(Davis, Robbins)
Edith Roosevelt1901-1909
Eleanor Roosevelt1933-1945
Nellie Taft1909-1913(Herron)
Margaret Taylor1849-1850(Smith)
Mary Todd Lincoln1861-1865
Elizabeth Truman1945-1953
Melania Trump2017-2021(Knauss, Knavs)
Julia Tyler1844-1845(Gardiner)
Letitia Tyler1841-1842(Christian)
Priscilla Tyler1842-1844(Cooper)
Angelica Van Buren1838-1841
Martha Washington1789-1797(Dandridge, Custis)
Edith Wilson1915-1921(Bolling)
Ellen Wilson1913-1914(Axson)
Margaret Woodrow Wilson1914-1915