Estonian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Estonian Presidents and Prime Ministers. The modern country of Estonia came into being in 1918 after World War I, though from 1940 to 1991 it was controlled by the Soviets, the Nazis and then the Soviets again. The President is the head of state, a ceremonial role, while the Prime Minister is the head of government (Peaminister in Estonian). From 1920 to 1938 the head of state was called the State Elder (Riigivanem).
NameYearsTypeOther Names
Otto Strandman1919; 1929-1931prime minister; state elder
Jaan Tõnisson1919-1920; 1920; 1927-1928; 1933prime minister; state elder
Ado Birk1920prime minister
Ants Piip1920; 1920-1921prime minister; state elder
Konstantin Päts1921-1922; 1923-1924; 1931-1932; 1932-1933; 1933-1934; 1934-1937; 1938-1940state elder; prime minister; president
Juhan Kukk1922-1923state elder
Friedrich Akel1924state elder
Jüri Jaakson1924-1925state elder
Jaan Teemant1925-1927; 1932state elder
August Rei1928-1929state elder
Kaarel Eenpalu1932; 1938-1939state elder; prime minister(Einbund)
Jüri Uluots1940-1945prime minister
Otto Tief1944prime minister
Heinrich Mark1990-1992prime minister
Edgar Savisaar1991-1992prime minister
Tiit Vähi1992; 1995-1997prime minister
Lennart Meri1992-2001president
Andres Tarand1994-1995prime minister
Mart Siimann1997-1999prime minister
Mart Laar1999-2002prime minister
Arnold Rüütel2001-2006president
Siim Kallas2002-2003prime minister
Juhan Parts2003-2005prime minister
Andrus Ansip2005-2014prime minister
Toomas Hendrik Ilves2006-2016president
Taavi Rõivas2014-2016prime minister
Kersti Kaljulaid2016-2021president
Jüri Ratas2016-2021prime minister
Kaja Kallas2021-prime minister
Alar Karis2021-president