Finnish Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Finnish Presidents and Prime Ministers. The President (Finnish Presidentti) is the head of state, in charge of foreign affairs and the military, while the Prime Minister is the head of government (Pääministeri). The positions were established in 1919 and 1917 respectively, at the time of Finnish independence.
Pehr Evind Svinhufvud1917-1918; 1930-1931; 1931-1937prime minister; president
Juho Kusti Paasikivi1918; 1944-1946; 1946-1956prime minister; president
Lauri Ingman1918-1919; 1924-1925prime minister
Kaarlo Castrén1919prime minister
Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg1919-1925president
Juho Vennola1919-1920; 1921-1922prime minister
Rafael Erich1920-1921prime minister
Aimo Cajander1922; 1924; 1937-1939prime minister
Kyösti Kallio1922-1924; 1925-1926; 1929-1930; 1936-1937; 1937-1940prime minister; president
Lauri Kristian Relander1925-1931president
Antti Tulenheimo1925prime minister
Väinö Tanner1926-1927prime minister
Juho Sunila1927-1928; 1931-1932prime minister
Oskari Mantere1928-1929prime minister
Toivo Kivimäki1932-1936prime minister
Risto Ryti1939-1940; 1940-1944prime minister; president
Jukka Rangell1941-1943prime minister
Edwin Linkomies1943-1944prime minister
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim1944-1946president
Antti Hackzell1944prime minister
Urho Castrén1944prime minister
Mauno Pekkala1946-1948prime minister
Karl-August Fagerholm1948-1950; 1956-1957; 1958-1959prime minister
Urho Kekkonen1950-1953; 1954-1956; 1956-1982prime minister; president
Sakari Tuomioja1953-1954prime minister
Ralf Törngren1954prime minister
V. J. Sukselainen1957; 1959-1961prime minister
Rainer von Fieandt1957-1958prime minister
Reino Kuuskoski1958prime minister
Martti Miettunen1961-1962; 1975-1977prime minister
Ahti Karjalainen1962-1963; 1970-1971prime minister
Reino R. Lehto1963-1964prime minister
Johannes Virolainen1964-1966prime minister
Rafael Paasio1966-1968; 1972prime minister
Mauno Koivisto1968-1970; 1979-1982; 1982-1994prime minister; president
Teuvo Aura1970; 1971-1972prime minister
Kalevi Sorsa1972-1975; 1977-1979; 1982-1987prime minister
Keijo Liinamaa1975prime minister
Harri Holkeri1987-1991prime minister
Esko Aho1991-1995prime minister
Martti Ahtisaari1994-2000president
Paavo Lipponen1995-2003prime minister
Tarja Halonen2000-2012president
Anneli Jäätteenmäki2003prime minister
Matti Vanhanen2003-2010prime minister
Mari Kiviniemi2010-2011prime minister
Jyrki Katainen2011-2014prime minister
Sauli Niinistö2012-president
Alexander Stubb2014-2015prime minister
Juha Sipilä2015-2019prime minister
Antti Rinne2019prime minister
Sanna Marin2019-2023prime minister
Petteri Orpo2023-prime minister