Hungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Hungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers. The office of Prime Minister (Miniszterelnöke in Hungarian), the head of government, was first occupied 1848-1849 when Hungary fought for independence from the Habsburg kings. It reappeared in 1867 under the Austro-Hungarian monarchs, and has existed since then (though termed Chairman of the Council of Ministers between 1949 and 1989).

Hungary has been a republic with a President (Köztársasági elnök) as head of state from 1918-1919 and 1946-present (termed Chairman of the Presidential Council between 1949 and 1989).

NameYearsTypeOther Names
Lajos Batthyány1848prime minister
Lajos Kossuth1848-1849prime minister
Bertalan Szemere1849prime minister
Gyula Andrássy1867-1871prime minister
Menyhért Lónyay1871-1872prime minister
József Szlávy1872-1874prime minister
István Bittó1874-1875prime minister
Béla Wenckheim1875prime minister
Kálmán Tisza1875-1890prime minister
Gyula Szapáry1890-1892prime minister
Sándor Wekerle1892-1895; 1906-1910; 1917-1918prime minister
Dezső Bánffy1895-1899prime minister
Kálmán Széll1899-1903prime minister
Károly Khuen-Héderváry1903; 1910-1912prime minister
István Tisza1903-1905; 1913-1917prime minister
Géza Fejérváry1905-1906prime minister
László Lukács1912-1913prime minister
Móric Esterházy1917prime minister
János Hadik1918prime minister
Mihály Károlyi1918-1919prime minister
Dénes Berinkey1919prime minister
Sándor Garbai1919prime minister
Gyula Peidl1919prime minister
István Friedrich1919prime minister
Károly Huszár1919-1920prime minister(Schorn)
Sándor Simonyi-Semadam1920prime minister
Pál Teleki1920-1921; 1939-1941prime minister
István Bethlen1921-1931prime minister
Gyula Károlyi1931-1932prime minister
Gyula Gömbös1932-1936prime minister
Kálmán Darányi1936-1938prime minister
Béla Imrédy1938-1939prime minister
László Bárdossy1941-1942prime minister
Miklós Kállay1942-1944prime minister
Döme Sztójay1944prime minister(Stojaković)
Géza Lakatos1944prime minister
Ferenc Szálasi1944-1945prime minister
Béla Miklós1944-1945prime minister
Zoltán Tildy1945-1946; 1946-1948prime minister; president
Ferenc Nagy1946-1947prime minister
Lajos Dinnyés1947-1948prime minister
Árpád Szakasits1948-1949; 1949-1950president(Szakasics)
István Dobi1948-1949; 1949-1952; 1952-1967prime minister; president
Sándor Rónai1950-1952president(Ritu)
Mátyás Rákosi1952-1953prime minister(Rosenfeld)
Imre Nagy1953-1955; 1956prime minister
András Hegedüs1955-1956prime minister
János Kádár1956-1958; 1961-1965prime minister(Csermanek, Czermanik)
Ferenc Münnich1958-1961prime minister
Gyula Kállai1965-1967prime minister
Jenő Fock1967-1975prime minister
Pál Losonczi1967-1987president(Laklia)
György Lázár1975-1987prime minister
Károly Németh1987-1988president
Károly Grósz1987-1988prime minister
Ferenc Brunó Straub1988-1989president
Miklós Németh1988-1989; 1989-1990prime minister
József Antall1990-1993prime minister
Árpád Göncz1990-2000president
Péter Boross1993-1994prime minister
Gyula Horn1994-1998prime minister
Viktor Orbán1998-2002; 2010-prime minister
Ferenc Mádl2000-2005president
Péter Medgyessy2002-2004prime minister
Ferenc Gyurcsány2004-2009prime minister
László Sólyom2005-2010president
Gordon Bajnai2009-2010prime minister
Pál Schmitt2010-2012president
László Kövér2012president
János Áder2012-2022president
Katalin Novák2022-2024president
Tamás Sulyok2024-president