Hungarian Kings and Queens

The first king of Hungary was Saint István, or Stephen in English. He was a descendant of Árpád, the man who led the Magyars (the Hungarians) into Hungary in perhaps the late 9th century. István's line ruled until 1301.

The Árpád dynasty became extinct in 1301 and soon after that Charles (Károly) I and the Angevin dynasty came to power. Though born in France, Charles was a distant descendant of István V. The Angevin line ruled until 1386 when Queen Mária married the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund (Zsigmond). The next century and a half saw internal disputes and rival claims to the throne, as well as invasion by the Ottoman Empire. A notable king of this period was Mátyás Corvinus, who expanded the kingdom and rallied against the Ottomans.

Starting in 1563 the Habsburg family ruled Hungary (they were also Holy Roman Emperors until 1806). The monarchy was dissolved after World War I.

István I997-1038
Péter Urseolo1038-1041; 1044-1046
Sámuel Aba1041-1044
András I1047-1061
Béla I1061-1063
Géza I1074-1077
László I1077-1095
István II1114-1131
Béla II1131-1141
Géza II1141-1161
István III1161-1162; 1163-1172
László II1162-1163
István IV1163
Béla III1172-1196
László III1204-1205
András II1205-1235
Béla IV1235-1270
István V1270-1272
László IV1272-1290
András III1290-1301
Vencel III1301-1305
Ottó III of Bavaria1305-1308
Károly I1308-1342
Lajos I the Great1342-1382
Károly II the Small1385-1386
Ulászló I1440-1444
László V the Posthumous1444-1457
Mátyás Corvinus the Just1458-1490
Ulászló II1490-1516
Lajos II1516-1526
János I Zápolya1526-1540
Ferdinánd I1526-1564
János II Zsigmond Zápolya1540-1571
Miksa II1563-1576
Rudolf II1576-1608
Mátyás II1608-1618
Ferdinánd II1618-1637
Ferdinánd III1625-1657
Ferdinánd IV1647-1654
Lipót I1655-1705
József I1687-1711
Károly III1711-1740
Mária Terézia1740-1780
József II1780-1790
Lipót II1790-1792
Ferdinánd V1835-1848
Ferenc József I1848-1916
Károly IV1916-1918