Israelite and Judean Kings

The first king of Israel was Saul in the 11th century BC. Prior to this the region had been governed by figures called "judges" (Hebrew shoftim). The next two kings after Saul were David and Solomon, who expanded the kingdom to its greatest extent.

Israel subsequently split into two separate kingdoms: the Northern Kingdom called Israel, and the Southern Kingdom called Judah. The Northern Kingdom was conquered in the 8th century by the Assyrian Empire. The Southern Kingdom was destroyed by the Babylonian Empire in the 6th century.

Saulc. 1049-c. 1007 BCkingIsrael
Davidc. 1010-c. 970 BCkingIsrael
Ishboshethc. 1007-c. 1005 BCkingIsrael
Solomonc. 970-c. 931 BCkingIsrael
Rehoboamc. 932-c. 915 BCkingJudah
Jeroboamc. 931-c. 910 BCkingIsrael
Abijahc. 915-c. 912 BCkingJudah
Asac. 913-c. 873 BCkingJudah
Nadabc. 910-c. 909 BCkingIsrael
Baashac. 909-c. 886 BCkingIsrael
Elahc. 886-c. 885 BCkingIsrael
Zimric. 885 BCkingIsrael
Omric. 885-c. 874 BCkingIsrael
Ahabc. 874-c. 853 BCkingIsrael
Jehoshaphatc. 873-c. 849 BCkingJudah
Ahaziahc. 853-c. 852 BCkingIsrael
Jehoramc. 852-c. 841 BCkingIsrael
Jehoramc. 848-c. 842 BCkingJudah
Ahaziahc. 842 BCkingJudah
Athaliahc. 842-c. 837 BCqueenJudah
Jehuc. 841-c. 814 BCkingIsrael
Jehoashc. 837-c. 796 BCkingJudah
Jehoahazc. 814-c. 798 BCkingIsrael
Jehoashc. 798-c. 782 BCkingIsrael
Amaziahc. 796-c. 767 BCkingJudah
Jeroboamc. 782-c. 753 BCkingIsrael
Uzziahc. 767-c. 740 BCkingJudah
Zechariahc. 753-c. 752 BCkingIsrael
Shallumc. 752 BCkingIsrael
Menahemc. 752-c. 742 BCkingIsrael
Jothamc. 751-c. 736 BCkingJudah
Pekahiahc. 742-c. 740 BCkingIsrael
Pekahc. 740-c. 732 BCkingIsrael
Ahazc. 736-c. 715 BCkingJudah
Hosheac. 732-c. 723 BCkingIsrael
Hezekiahc. 715-c. 686 BCkingJudah
Manassehc. 686-c. 642 BCkingJudah
Amonc. 642-c. 641 BCkingJudah
Josiahc. 641-c. 609 BCkingJudah
Jehoahazc. 609 BCkingJudah
Jehoiakimc. 609-598 BCkingJudah
Jehoiachin598-597 BCkingJudah
Zedekiah597-c. 586 BCkingJudah