New Zealand Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Prime Ministers (formerly called Premiers) of New Zealand. The position originated in the 1850s, when New Zealand was still a British colony. New Zealand became a dominion in 1907 and gained full independence in 1947.
NameYearsOther Names
Henry Sewell1856
William Fox1856; 1861-1862; 1869-1872; 1873
Edward Stafford1856-1861; 1865-1869; 1872
Alfred Domett1862-1863
Frederick Whitaker1863-1864; 1882-1883
Frederick Weld1864-1865
George Waterhouse1872-1873
Julius Vogel1873-1875; 1876
Daniel Pollen1875-1876
Harry Atkinson1876-1877; 1883-1884; 1884; 1887-1891
George Grey1877-1879
John Hall1879-1882
Robert Stout1884; 1884-1887
John Ballance1891-1893
Richard Seddon1893-1906
William Hall-Jones1906
Joseph Ward1906-1912; 1928-1930
Thomas Mackenzie1912
William Massey1912-1925
Francis Bell1925
Gordon Coates1925-1928
George Forbes1930-1935
Michael Joseph Savage1935-1940
Peter Fraser1940-1949
Sidney Holland1949-1957
Keith Holyoake1957; 1960-1972
Walter Nash1957-1960
Jack Marshall1972
Norman Kirk1972-1974
Bill Rowling1974-1975
Robert Muldoon1975-1984
David Lange1984-1989
Geoffrey Palmer1989-1990
Mike Moore1990
Jim Bolger1990-1997
Jenny Shipley1997-1999(Robson)
Helen Clark1999-2008
John Key2008-2016
Bill English2016-2017
Jacinda Ardern2017-2023
Chris Hipkins2023
Christopher Luxon2023-