Other Fictional Characters

This list is made up of fictional characters who do not fit onto the other fictional lists.
Charlie Brown1947comic strip
Sally Brown1959comic strip
Calvin1985comic strip
Miss Chiquita Banana1944corporate mascot
Lara Croft1996video games
Nathan Drake2007video games
Ellie2013video games
Elsie the Cow1939corporate mascot
Garfield1978comic strip
Geralt of Rivia2007video games
Hobbes1985comic strip
Joe Camel1987corporate mascot
Ernie Keebler1970corporate mascot
Kratos2005video games
Link1986video games
Spuds MacKenzie1987corporate mascot
Mario1981video games
Ronald McDonald1963corporate mascot
Olive Oyl1919comic strip
Peppermint Patty1966comic strip
Popeye1929comic strip
Buck Rogers1929comic strip
Teddy Ruxpin1985toy
Toucan Sam1963corporate mascot
Smokey Bear1944mascot
Snoopy1950comic strip
Sonic the Hedgehog1991video games
Tony the Tiger1951corporate mascot
Dick Tracy1931comic strip
Linus van Pelt1952comic strip
Lucy van Pelt1952comic strip
Annie Warbucks1924comic strip
Princess Zelda1986video games