Romanian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Romanian Presidents and Prime Ministers. The President (Romanian Președintele) is the head of state, while the Prime Minister (Prim-ministrul) is the head of government. The position of President was created in 1974 by the Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu. The modern position of Prime Minister was established in 1989, though similar positions had existed since 1862.
NameYearsTypeOther Names
Barbu Catargiu1862prime minister
Nicolae Crețulescu1862-1863; 1865-1866prime minister
Mihail Kogălniceanu1863-1865prime minister
Constantin Bosianu1865prime minister
Ion Ghica1866; 1866-1867; 1870-1871prime minister
Lascăr Catargiu1866; 1871-1876; 1889; 1891-1895prime minister
Constantin Crețulescu1867prime minister
Ștefan Golescu1867-1868prime minister
Nicolae Golescu1868prime minister
Dimitrie Ghica1868-1870prime minister
Alexandru Golescu1870prime minister
Manolache Costache Epureanu1870; 1876prime minister
Ion Emanuel Florescu1876; 1891prime minister
Ion C. Brătianu1876-1881; 1881-1888prime minister
Dimitrie Brătianu1881prime minister
Theodor Rosetti1888-1889prime minister
Gheorghe Manu1889-1891prime minister
Dimitrie Sturdza1895-1896; 1897-1899; 1901-1906; 1907-1909prime minister
Petre Aurelian1896-1897prime minister
Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino1899-1900; 1906-1907prime minister
Petre Carp1900-1901; 1910-1912prime minister
Ion I. C. Brătianu1909-1910; 1914-1918; 1918-1919; 1922-1926; 1927prime minister
Titu Maiorescu1912-1913prime minister
Alexandru Averescu1918; 1920-1921; 1926-1927prime minister
Alexandru Marghiloman1918prime minister
Constantin Coandă1918prime minister
Artur Văitoianu1919prime minister
Alexandru Vaida-Voevod1919-1920; 1932; 1933prime minister
Take Ionescu1921-1922prime minister
Barbu Ştirbey1927prime minister
Vintilă Brătianu1927-1928prime minister
Iuliu Maniu1928-1930; 1930; 1932-1933prime minister
Gheorghe Mironescu1930; 1930-1931prime minister
Nicolae Iorga1931-1932prime minister
Ion G. Duca1933prime minister
Gheorghe Tătărescu1934-1937; 1939-1940prime minister
Octavian Goga1937-1938prime minister
Miron Cristea1938-1939prime minister
Armand Călinescu1939prime minister
Gheorghe Argeșanu1939prime minister
Constantin Argetoianu1939prime minister
Ion Gigurtu1940prime minister
Ion Antonescu1940-1944prime minister
Constantin Sănătescu1944prime minister
Nicolae Rădescu1944-1945prime minister
Petru Groza1945-1952prime minister
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej1952-1955prime minister
Chivu Stoica1955-1961prime minister
Ion Gheorghe Maurer1961-1974prime minister
Manea Mănescu1974-1979prime minister
Nicolae Ceaușescu1974-1989president
Ilie Verdeț1979-1982prime minister
Constantin Dăscălescu1982-1989prime minister
Petre Roman1989-1991prime minister
Ion Iliescu1989-1996; 2000-2004president
Theodor Stolojan1991-1992prime minister
Nicolae Văcăroiu1992-1996prime minister
Emil Constantinescu1996-2000president
Victor Ciorbea1996-1998prime minister
Radu Vasile1998-1999prime minister
Mugur Isărescu1999-2000prime minister
Adrian Năstase2000-2004prime minister
Traian Băsescu2004-2014president
Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu2004-2008prime minister
Emil Boc2008-2012prime minister
Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu2012prime minister
Victor Ponta2012-2015; 2015prime minister
Klaus Iohannis2014-president
Dacian Cioloș2015-2017prime minister
Sorin Grindeanu2017prime minister
Mihai Tudose2017-2018prime minister
Viorica Dăncilă2018-2019prime minister(Nica)
Ludovic Orban2019-2020prime minister
Florin Cîțu2020-2021prime minister
Nicolae Ciucă2021-2023prime minister
Marcel Ciolacu2023-prime minister