Swedish Kings and Queens

The first king of Sweden is usually said to be Olof Skutkonung but in reality there had been several rulers before him, although most of their names and dates of rule are uncertain. It was Olof who first converted to Christianity in the early 11th century. Competing dynasties ruled Sweden until 1397, when Sweden, Denmark and Norway were united under Queen Margareta (Margrethe) of Denmark.

The Swedes were generally unhappy with this union, called the Union of Kalmar, and over the next century they instead followed the rule of regents and even elected a counter-king, Karl II. Finally the union was overthrown in 1523 by Gustav I Vasa, who became their new king. Under strong rulers Sweden became a major European power in the 17th-century.

In 1818 Karl XIV Johan, one of Napoleon's marshals, was chosen to be king. His line has ruled since that time, though the powers of the monarchy are now largely ceremonial.

Note that there are some numbering inconsistencies. Kings Eric XIV and Karl IX adopted their numbers based on a legendary history of Sweden. Their predecessors of the same names were posthumously given numbers by counting backwards.

NameYearsOther Names
Erik the Victoriousc. 970-c. 995
Olof Skötkonung995-1022
Anund Jakob1022-1050
Emund the Old1050-1060
Erik VII1066-1067
Erik VIII the Pagan1066-1067
Halsten1067-1070; 1079-1084
Anund the Russian1070-1075
Håkan the Red1070-1079
Inge I the Elder1079-1084; 1087-1105
Inge II the Younger1110-1125
Magnus I the Strong1125-1130
Sverker I the Elder1133-1156
Erik IX the Holy1156-1160
Magnus II1160-1161
Karl I (or VII)1161-1167
Knut I1167-1196
Sverker II the Younger1196-1208
Erik X1208-1216
Johan I1216-1222
Erik XI1222-1229; 1234-1250
Knut II the Long1229-1234
Birger Jarl1250-1266
Magnus III Ladulas1275-1290
Magnus IV1319-1364
Erik XII1357-1359
Albrekt of Mecklenburg1364-1389
Erik XIII of Pomerania1396-1439
Kristofer of Bavaria1441-1448
Karl II (or VIII)1448-1457; 1464-1465; 1467-1470
Kristian I1457-1464
Sten Sture the Elder1470-1497; 1501-1503
Johan II1497-1501
Sten Sture the Younger1512-1520
Kristian II1520-1521
Gustav I Vasa1521-1560
Erik XIV1560-1568
Johan III1568-1592
Karl IX1604-1611
Gustav II Adolf1611-1632
Karl X Gustav1654-1660
Karl XI1660-1697
Karl XII1697-1718
Ulrika Eleonora1718-1720
Fredrik I1720-1751
Adolf Fredrik1751-1771
Gustav III1771-1792
Gustav IV Adolf1792-1809
Karl XIII1809-1818
Karl XIV Johan1818-1844(Bernadotte)
Oscar I1844-1859(Bernadotte)
Karl XV1859-1872
Oscar II1872-1907
Gustav V1907-1950
Gustaf VI Adolf1950-1973
Carl XVI Gustaf1973-