Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Presidents and Prime Ministers of Bulgaria. The office of Prime Minister (Bulgarian Министър-председател: Ministar-predsedatel) was created in 1878 when an autonomous Bulgarian state was created within the Ottoman Empire. It became fully independent in 1908. Bulgaria became a republic in 1990, with a President (Президент: Prezident) as the head of state. The Prime Minister remains the head of government.
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NameYearsTypeOther Names
Todor Burmov1879prime minister
Kliment of Tarnovo1879-1880; 1886prime minister(Drumev)
Dragan Tsankov1880; 1883-1884prime minister
Petko Karavelov1880-1881; 1884-1886; 1886; 1901-1902prime minister
John Casimir Ehrnrooth1881prime minister
Leonid Sobolev1882-1883prime minister
Vasil Radoslavov1886-1887; 1913-1918prime minister
Konstantin Stoilov1887; 1894-1899prime minister
Stefan Stambolov1887-1894prime minister
Dimitar Grekov1899prime minister
Todor Ivanchov1899-1901prime minister
Racho Petrov1901; 1903-1906prime minister(Stoyanov)
Stoyan Danev1902-1903; 1913prime minister
Dimitar Petkov1906-1907prime minister
Dimitar Stanchov1907prime minister(Stancioff)
Petar Gudev1907-1908prime minister
Aleksandar Malinov1908-1911; 1918; 1931prime minister
Ivan Evstratiev Geshov1911-1913prime minister
Teodor Teodorov1918-1919prime minister
Aleksandar Stamboliyski1919-1923prime minister
Aleksander Tsankov1923-1926prime minister
Andrey Lyapchev1926-1931prime minister
Nikola Mushanov1931-1934prime minister
Kimon Georgiev1934-1935; 1944-1946prime minister(Stoyanov)
Pencho Zlatev1935prime minister
Andrey Toshev1935prime minister
Georgi Kyoseivanov1935-1940prime minister
Bogdan Filov1940-1943prime minister
Petar Gabrovski1943prime minister
Dobri Bozhilov1943-1944prime minister(Khadzhiyanakev)
Ivan Ivanov Bagryanov1944prime minister
Konstantin Muraviev1944prime minister
Georgi Dimitrov1946-1949prime minister
Vasil Kolarov1949-1950prime minister
Valko Chervenkov1950-1956prime minister
Anton Yugov1956-1962prime minister
Todor Zhivkov1962-1971prime minister
Stanko Todorov1971-1981; 1990prime minister; president(Georgiev)
Grisha Filipov1981-1986prime minister
Georgi Atanasov1986-1990prime minister
Andrey Lukanov1990prime minister
Petar Mladenov1990president
Nikolai Todorov1990president
Zhelyu Zhelev1990-1997president
Dimitar Iliev Popov1990-1991prime minister
Philip Dimitrov1991-1992prime minister
Lyuben Berov1992-1994prime minister
Reneta Indzhova1994-1995prime minister
Zhan Videnov1995-1997prime minister
Petar Stoyanov1997-2002president
Stefan Sofiyanski1997prime minister
Ivan Kostov1997-2001prime minister
Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha2001-2005prime minister
Georgi Parvanov2002-2012president
Sergei Stanishev2005-2009prime minister
Boyko Borisov2009-2013; 2014-2017prime minister
Rosen Plevneliev2012-2017president
Marin Raykov2013prime minister(Nikolov)
Plamen Oresharski2013-2014prime minister
Georgi Bliznashki2014prime minister
Rumen Radev2017-president
Ognyan Gerdzhikov2017-prime minister