Norwegian Kings and Queens

Harald Fairhair united much of Norway in the 10th century, and his relatives and descendants ruled the Kingdom of Norway for two centuries. During this time the country was torn by periods of internal unrest which were not put to an end until Håkon IV the 13th century.

In 1363 Håkon VI married Margrethe of Denmark, who became queen of both Denmark and Norway after his death. She succeeded in uniting Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in what was called the Kalmar Union. Although Sweden seceded from the union in 1523, Norway remained under of the power of the Danish monarchs until 1814, at which time it entered into personal union with Sweden. This union was dissolved in 1905, and prince Charles of Denmark was elected to be the new king of Norway (under the name Haakon VII).

Note: the kings of Denmark and Sweden who ruled Norway after the disbanding of the Union of Kalmar are included on these lists.

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NameYearsOther Names
Christian I1450-1481
Christian II1513-1523
Christian III1537-1559
Christian IV1588-1648
Christian V1670-1699
Christian VI1730-1746
Christian VII1766-1808
Christian Frederick1814
Christoffer of Bavaria1442-1448
Eirik Håkonsson1000-1012
Eirik I Bloodaxe930-934
Eirik II1280-1299
Eirik III of Pomerania1389-1442
Fredrik I1523-1533
Fredrik II1559-1588
Fredrik III1648-1670
Fredrik IV1699-1730
Fredrik V1746-1766
Fredrik VI1808-1814
Haakon VII1905-1957
Håkon Eiriksson1028-1029
Håkon I the Good934-961
Håkon II Sigurdarson970-995
Håkon II the Broadshouldered1157-1162
Håkon III1202-1204
Håkon IV the Old1217-1263
Håkon V1299-1319
Håkon VI1343-1380
Harald I Fairhair872-930
Harald II Greycloak961-970
Harald III Hardrada1046-1066
Harald IV Gille1130-1136
Harald V1991-
Inge I the Hunchback1136-1161
Inge II1204-1217
Karl I1449-1450
Karl II1814-1818
Karl III Johan1818-1844(Bernadotte)
Karl IV1859-1872
Knut the Great1028-1035
Magnus I the Good1035-1047
Magnus II1066-1069
Magnus III Barefoot1093-1103
Magnus VII1319-1355
Magnus IV the Blind1130-1135
Magnus V1161-1184
Magnus VI the Lawful1263-1280
Olav I995-1000
Olav II the Holy1015-1028
Olav III the Quiet1067-1093
Olav V1957-1991
Olav IV1380-1387
Oskar I1844-1859(Bernadotte)
Oskar II1872-1905
Øystein I1103-1123
Øystein II1142-1157
Sigurd I the Crusader1103-1130
Sigurd II1136-1155
Sverre the Mysterious1184-1202